In the event that you plan on moving to the Netherlands for in any event one year, you should seriously think about delivery your assets to the Netherlands as opposed to purchasing everything new once you show up. Contrasted with numerous nations with a lot stricter principles, the Netherlands has entirely sensible freight transporting guidelines and in this way it might even be less expensive to send your own things than to purchase everything new.

With the end goal for you to transport individual things to the Netherlands obligation free, your family unit products should be being used by you for at any rate a year prior to your shipment. Likewise, note that you can’t sell any of the family products and individual things that you boat to the Netherlands for at any rate a year after you show up. Dutch government authorities need to guarantee that the possessions you are bringing in obligation free are truly for your own utilization and you don’t plan on offering your things to make a benefit. On the off chance that you do sell things sooner than one year from when you showed up in the Netherlands, you may need to pay import obligations or assessments.